Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve..

 So it was a rare Christmas Eve in our home.. Matt-Daddy was off work! He was still on call but.. hey we will take what we can get.
 Everything was clean. We decided to watch a movie and rented Toy Story 3.
It was really good. I was not disappointed. The kids enjoyed it too.
It was so nice to just be all together.
There was even rumor of snow on Christmas Day.. Really? Snow? On Christmas Day?
We shall see.. The latest radar said if it fell it would be North of us.
It was also my Big Brother Zach's birthday. I don't like not seeing him on his birthday.
But I called..we texted. I sent pictures..
I hope your Christmas Eve was enjoyable.

There's Ken.. He's FAB-U-Lous! ;)

Kick back on Matt-Daddy enjoying the movie..
This was my view.. I loved it ;)

You know..... one of those RARE moments... ;)

Enjoying an apple...

Stoney saving the world....

                                                         Stormy watching Toy Story 3...

Stormy and her constant friend.. She loves this yoga ball... She had a blue one for a few years
It met its demise earlier this year.. The Easter bunny brought her a new one ;)

My Sweet Boys... My two favorite Boys...

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Robin said...

Such great photos! You can just feel the love!

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