Thursday, July 29, 2010

It can be a funny thing about pictures...

Some of the best ones (at least to me) seem to happen
when you least expect it.

Hair not fixed. Face not washed. Space where the picture is made not tidy.

I think this one is my favorite...

Stormy had received some new clothes (hand-be-downs but new to us). And she
was trying everything on and of course coming in the office to show me.
I took several different ones in all kinds of different clothes and different
combinations too.
I loved them all...of course ;)

love it too...

But this series of three really stood out.
She had on a Winter coat and shorts with a t-shirt underneath.

I love series shots...

She was just leaning on my desk talking to me.  There were papers stacked up at her elbows.
Crayons on the floor. An overflowing waste basket.
But you would have never known those things if I hadn't of told you...
Everything doesn't have to be perfect.. In a photograph.
Or in life.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
And for me it was watching her have SO much fun modeling and posing for the camera.
To hear her laugh and just talk with me.
I wouldn't have cared if she had had on a potato sack. ;)



Ronalyn Barut said...

You are right on.. about the best photos being the least expected.. BEst things comes in the little surprises :)

Robin said...

**sigh** I could just look at your gorgeous pictures all day long...well, actually I already do...I look at MY pictures you took!

Such talent, and such a beautiful daughter!


holly said...

Wow. She is stunning. The photo is stunning. Your editing is fantabulous!

Rox said...

You guys are so kind! Thank you so much :)

Lindy said...

Beautiful pictures -- makes me want to take a class....

Dawn Camp said...

So true! Don't you love the ability to blur out the mess in the background, or just zoom in tight enough to avoid it?! :-)

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