Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowing in Southtownw

We got some Snur...
(think Madea ;)
Just so you know this is picture heavy..
Yes, Atlanta and almost all points southern got SNOW on
Friday the 12th of February... We got four inches..
Still hard to imagine...
My Bestie that lives in Hamilton Ontario Canada...???
We have more snow than her.. yep.

Stormy chunking snowballs..

Thought this was a pretty shot...

Our little Snowman ;)

Stoney's first Snowball..

My sweet boy..

Love the closeups of the flakes..

Mr. Blue Sky... this is SOOC (straight out of the camera)
It was so blue...

Again SOOC... wow

Oh that shallow depth of field..
Love the Bokeh ... ahhh

Another favorite
You take these while you hold your breath..
really... you do. :)

God's beauty was in abundance.
As it is everyday.
And I am so thankful...


Robin said...

GORGEOUS photos Rox!! Wasn't the snow just the BEST! We still have a little bit left this morning!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Robin :o)

Anonymous said...

Love your snow pictures! Your little guy looks so old in that one shot though. Love ya! Jennie

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