Friday, May 01, 2009


.... does not begin to describe this week... And it is only the beginning. The last month of school is always so busy..
This week I went on a field trip with Stoney's Pre-K class to the Children's Museum. That same day Stormy was in a play that had three performances. More on that later.... she was great by the way :)

This is the entrance to the museum.

This is the view just to the left of the entrance. That is the
World Of Coca-Cola, and beyond that is the Georgia Aquarium.
Across the street from Coke is Centennial Olympic Park.
You think this one was just a little excited?

There were great areas set up and they change the theme of part of
the museum every few months. The tractor was in an area that is always the same.
There is a grocery truck and groceries you can box and pretend ship with a store too.
Right now the theme is a magical castle theme. The kids had a ball.

This is the dragon you can wake up by solving a matching puzzle below.

Stoney trying on his gear to battle the dragons.

Watching a play.

Playing in the fishing area. This was the most fun I think the kids had
while we were there. There were tunnels and stairs to go
in the trees in the same area.
The kids (and adults too) were worn out at the end of the day.
I will have pics up later from Stormy's play... my pretty peasant girl :)
You internets have a great weekend :)

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