Friday, April 24, 2009


So this week was Teacher Appreciation where I work. On Monday the parents sent in flowers for the teachers . Then Tuesday was a breakfast, Wednesday a cookie swap (wow-amazing and yummy), Thursday - monogrammed tea towels and today is a luncheon provided by all the parents.

Well, my flowers were so pretty, some daffodils, roses and even a beautiful tulip. It was very thoughtful of the parents and so sweet when my little munchkins gave them to me. :)

But.... As much as I loved the flowers form my little charges...
The bouquet that Stoney made for me and brought home is my very favorite :)

He told me that he made them because he appreciated me as a Mom :)

How about that? What else do I need? I mean.. hello?

I just love him.

I hope that everyone has a most wonderful weekend.

It is in the 80's here! Can I get an Amen. Thank you.


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