Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weekend Recap Part I....

OK, we had a full weekend. I am showing Sunday, because it got loaded first. Every year one my husbands vendors shows their appreciation by having a huge picnic at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Included is a day pass to the park. We always look forward to it and never miss it.
Here are the pics from Sunday.

'The' Rock...

Headed to the Pavilion...

M deep in thought...

We played a little carpet golf. And the girl here played for the first time. She got a hole in one!

A view from the train.

Here is a rare sight.... me in front of the camera... I still took the picture though : ) We were on the train...

The boy climbing the obstacle course with no help I might add. And he did the entire course 7 times.... yes, seven.

While S did the lower course for height challenged little ones, the girl and her Dad did the Sky Walk. It was a LOT higher with three levels. She did awesome.

Dad was always right behind her.

Here is S on the zip line. He did it without any hesitation... Every time ; )

There she is on the Sky Walk. She loved it.

Here are K and her Dad on Sky Walk.

S had a ball on the course.

Handling it....

Back at the pavillion, M and co workers

K playing one of the games while DJ and friends cheered everyone on.

S and K in the jump house. They LOVE the jump thingies....

So that was Sunday.... whew. We were exhausted when we got home too. I will post Saturday tomorrow.
Hope that everyone is having a great week!

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Holly said...

This looks like SO much fun. Spencer would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

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