Thursday, October 23, 2008

For Real......... Thursday already?

Wow.... the weather? It is a changing people.... finally. The wind is really blowing today. Just whipping around. I have some windows open. It is my favorite time of the year. The rain is coming tomorrow. It is going to be in the low 50's and I am so ready for it. It is nice to have Fall weather..... In Fall.... Hello?

Our Fall decorations on the buffet. I love my white pumpkin and my new oil painting (thanks Vanessa).
This week had been a bit busy. Monday S was still a bit under the weather, so he stayed home with me. This is what he did over the weekend every time he had a coughing spell.. *good times*.

Bless his heart. After a while we didn't have to tell him. He pointed to it when he would start coughing. He knew the difference it would make when he had a treatment.

Tuesday was check up at the dentist for both of the kids. We were surprised. They both got out of there with NO..... yes no cavities. The Dr. said that K had a place that needed to be watched.... but I take that as a 'We don't have to come back for a filling' Woohoo! Then again, she lost three teeth in three days last week and had another one still coming in. So her odds of getting out of there with a clean record were better than average.. : )

Hope about that smile would ya ? ..... wow

My boys entertaining themselves while we wait to go back.

This weekend we have a birthday party to go to.... at a horse farm. I, personally, can't wait. There will be hayrides, horse rides, hot dogs and the trees should be about to peak. It will be great. I will have many-o-pictures come next week.

We got a new couch last weekend. The one we had was great...looked good. But, it just was not comfortable. And the family couldn't get on there together. Oh, and it was the worst nap taking couch .... Ever. (Thanks Pikes. We all *heart* you : )

The before shot. Nice couch... A little small and not quite family friendly.

The after shot. I *heart* this couch. I really do.

I am still watching the DOW...Opening and Closing. Every. Day.... And we are still getting stung. Every. Day. I am over it..... and, Unfortunately. It is not. Over.

Tonight I am going to a survey for a research company. It is for Christian music and morning radio shows in the Atlanta area. I am excited. I love doing these.

We are hoping to hit a pumpkin patch this weekend too. Love, love those... the colors and the photo opps?? Love it : )

Oh Yea...... And it's my birthday on Monday...... I guess that that is a big deal too.. : )

I hope that everyone out there is well. Go do something nice for someone else today.

And VOTE, VOte... vote..... You can do it early you know... beat the rush : )


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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, my sweet couch has a home that loves it! I heart this couch too. I am glad you guys love it. I have to admit it makes me a little sad to see it somewhere else. We are enjoying our new stuff though. Still trying to figure out how to fit the big chair in. We miss not being able to sit together in that thing and watch tv. Hope Sully gets better soon! Miss you guys! Jennie

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