Thursday, May 22, 2008

VERY, Random Pictures..........

It has been one crazy week around here...
The last week of school it always is. K had her awards ceremony on Tuesday. S and I had our end of year parties on Wednesday. M had his pre op appointment this morning. Tomorrow is the last day of school for K, S and myself. We (S and I) have an end of the year program tomorrow and then it is early release and all the teachers are being taken out to lunch. And all this time I have been trying to finish up 7 little scrapbooks for my boys and two teacher gifts.

Nah......... not much going on around here. : ) So, needless to say, there is an ever growing pile of laundry and a kitchen, bathroom and floors that are in desperate need of attention. That will just have to wait till next week......... : )

Look into my eeeeeyyyyeeee.
(in your best evil voice)

Can you find the sleeping girl?
(growing pile of laundry in upper left hand corner...check)

Ummmm.... can you say fashion statement?

I'm flying..... I'm flying.....I'm flying...

Hope everyone else out there is well this almost last week of May...

Go make someone happy smile today..

It might be just the thing they need : )

See you soon....


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