Thursday, March 27, 2008


A girlfriend of mine posted on this subject just a few days ago on her blog. It seemed

a little ironic that the post was about a good friend coming in town to visit last weekend and how good it was to see her. When, the same wonderful thing happened to me : )

I will quote my friend H. here. I hope that she doesn't mind.

"I would say that I have different types of friendships in my life. I have my acquaintances, I have my 'friends', I have my close friends, and I have my heart friends. "

I try to be a good friend..... I try to remember birthdays. I try to stay in touch.... but, is not so easy. Life gets in the way. And you mean well and the card doesn't get sent when it should have been mailed or the phone call is not at the right time. Aughhh....

Anyway, one of my heart friends was in town last weekend. We have been friends since high school. She and I don't see each other very often at all. We haven't seen each other since our 20th reunion back in 05 (just told my age then.....shut up). Actually I am the youngest one in our class.... so there! If you sat and really thought about it.... we aren't really alike in most ways. She is blond and thin...I ...ahem ... am not. She is from up north originally I am not. She was a cheerleader.... ahem... I was not. She ran hurdles and relay on the track team...... Ha... I threw discuss and shotput! She got married before me... Her oldest child is 13, mine is 6.
She doesn't go back to hour home town...... hardly ever... My Mom still lives there. Oh yea......... she was Homecoming Queen...needless to say??? I was not..... : )

But........ the things that we do have in common are most definitely the greater in the equation...

1~ She and I each have a sons that are six months apart.
2~ When my son was born he had a couple of issues. My friend (who was a NICU nurse @ the time) was on the phone with my husband explaining to us what was going on and that it was going to be fine.... helping to put us at ease. (long distance too!)
3~ She was on the phone with me a couple of weeks ago when my daughter was having complications after her surgery, checking on her (and me).
4~ We make each other laugh.... Very important.
5~ We both share a love for photography and are learning together (although she is way ahead of me... I am running hard behind her and catching up!)
6~ When we talk on the phone or are is if we have not been apart a day. I love that.
7~ We text each other a LOT (thank Heavens for Texting!) and try to email as often as we can.
8~ Some of my best memories are of times with her.
9~ Some of the best talks when I needed them the most are with her (whether she knows it or not).
10~And for the record..........? I just love that girl : )
You know, the Lord gives us friends like that... And I am so grateful that he blessed me with this one.

Our lives took different paths after our first year of college. She moved away and I was still in our hometown. I lost my Dad, and had to figure out my path whether I wanted to or not. She was in a new city and had to figure her path out too. We actually fell out of touch for several years. I got married. I actually found her and asked her to be a bridesmaid... she was very pregnant at the time and the wedding was far away. I didn't push it....(so she wouldn't have to either..haha)

Then enter the information highway... what a glorious thing! We found each other again and I haven't left her alone since!!! Bless her heart : )

Fast forward to last weekend... Her daughter had a soccer game here in Atlanta! We went to the game watched them win. I got to spend time with my friend. I got to play with her new camera (very important: ))

It was a beautiful day... The only thing that wasn't ok?.... It went by tooo fast. We have planned to get together again soon. When we can spend more time together.

K and S playing on the field.

K and K kicking the ball.

K about to kick the ball.

And no, there are no pictures of us. We were too busy watching the game and watching our kids..... not to mention talking! (who said that?)
I enjoyed getting to see her and spend time with her sweet family. I am so looking forward to next time!

I hope you bloggers are having a great week!

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Heather H said...

i am so honored.....

my sweet friend.


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