Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I Leeaarrned Over The Weekend.......

Yes, my peeps, it is time for another addition of What I Leeaarrned Over The Weekend.

1. Yes, in the South, you can have awful tornadic weather in February. I thought I saw it 'going green' ('Twister', love that movie) on Saturday.

2. I will be so glad when all this tonsil, ear mess is fixed and we are on the road to recovery. We are counting down the days till the antobiotic is gone... (apparently it doesn't taste good...imagine that?) two days to go!!

3. This laptop is just about the best thing since creamy shells and cheese...... And we love that here on Brentwood Drive....

4. I have some of the best friends on the face of the earth... Hey Christie, Chauveen and Jennie!

5. My Sister-in-law is one smart cookie. She is about to embark on a business venture that will be oh-so-perfect for her. More on that as it evolves.

6. I am curious to know why LSU's QB was suspended forever yesterday?.... Hmmm

7. Hello people.... NASCAR is back. Althought the Daytona was a bit of a snoozer on Sunday. I was glad to see Jr. having a good race. And I did not see Ryan Newman winning.... never saw that coming.
8.And of course a post is not a post without a picture..............

Do I wish I could sleep like that? Well, yea! Don't you?

So, that is what has been bumping around in my mind over the last few days... How was your weekend? What did you learn?

Keep it safe out there....



Jennifer said...

I feel so special! My name is on the blog! If you were talking about another Jennie being your friend then don't tell me. It will totally burst my bubble. Love the picture of Sully. Harrison was watching the race on Sunday. He was really into it. I have the crud. Yippee! Well, you guys are in my prayers. Hope all goes well on Monday. Love ya bunches,

Heather H said...

Glad to find your blog!!!! Love to read what is going on in your life! Feel free to lurk around mine :-)

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