Friday, February 15, 2008

One of "Thoooose" Weeks.........

Do you ever have one of those weeks... where you have it all planned out and you are looking forward to it even.. then God reminds you of this Sense of Humor he has???

Yes, it has been one of those weeks. Let's see.... where do I start? Let's go with
Sunday.We got up to get ready for church. All seemed to be running pretty smoothly. We arrived to Upstreet to get K checked in and asked her if she wanted to go to Kidstuf . She said no, it is too loud. It hurts my ears. I looked at M and we both thought at the same time..hmm ok. I wonder if she has fluid in her ear(s). So, we checked her in and dropped S off and we were off to the worship center. The service was great and we picked K & S up and came on home to start lunch. K was having a hard time following directions... let me re-phrase that.. she was not only refusing to do what she needed to do, she was laughing in the face of fear. To fully understand, I have to tell you a bit about her history with ear infections..... She had a few when she was 2, and there was never any fever. The only way we knew something was not right, was that her demenor changed, her personality changed..... She became the anti- K. (cue the da-da-da-dum music)

Example: Her 3yr. old pre-k teacher came out to my car while I was waiting in carpool line and asked " I just wanted to check in with you and see if everything was ok at home?" I wish I could describe what I imagine my face looked like.... I said "well yea.... of course it is. ( you can't get much more typical than us, really.) What happened?" "K just hasn't been herself for a few days and she actually got in to it with another child today in class." I could not believe it. K is a very loving, albeit passionate child. After I heard more.... the translation was " K took Jeremiah down in a head lock." (cue the eye of the tiger music from Rocky) I was stunned.... but that, my friends, was the first time we realized that that was the only way to tell if she had an ear infection.....
enter: the Anti K.

Well, she just about put us to bed on Sunday. (that is from another story for another day) Let's just suffice it to say. I would not have been able to GIVE her away last Sunday. Nightfall f-i-n-a-l-l-y arrived. We got them bathed and ready for bed. Then sweet-sweet slumber arrived without bodily harm being caused. I then told M that I was calling the Dr. in the morning the second that they open. He agreed and with that.

Monday a.m. : I got a hold of the Dr. and she was double booked and only had one opening. I said "I'll take it, when?" 11:10... ok.... I had to pull S out of class, find a sub for mine and then drive to K's school and check her out. (cue: meltdown in the lobby when she sees me because this child absolutely hates to miss school). I get her in the car and of we go, trying to get there as best we can under the speed limit.... Diagnosis??? Full blown ear infection in her right ear.. wellwaddayaknow.. Everyone gets to bed Monday night. K comes in our room in the middle of the night. My ear huuuuuurts... Mooooom, my ear huuuurts... M will you get her some tylenol? She takes the tylenol and goes back to sleep.

6:30 a.m : Mom.... look at my haaaaiir. It has all this stuff in it and you should see my pillow?!? Let me go get it! I feel sooo much better. Here look at my pillow... Feel my hair. Mom can you see it? Look in my ear.. it is wet... Hmmm. that has never happened before.

Her ear drum burst during the night. So, back on the phone with the dr.... more meds, this time drops...

Wednesday: She comes home from school and is quiet and says that she s tired and doesn't want to talk... what? don't want to talk? I was stunned. She said that her head and tummy hurt. I called the Dr. yet again and asked if the antibiotic could be messing with her system. "Well it can but she hasn't had a problem before has she?" No. I thanked her and hung up the phone and she woke up and threw up.... (YEA! GoodTimes!)
Thank goodness it only lasted till about midnight, but, bless her heart, she was exhausted.
She is much better now.... and it is Friday! Amen!

Ok. I will post more later

Yes, yes.... I have my new laptop too.. I will fill you in on that.
In the meantime... be safe out there!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you and k have had a hard week. I am glad she is doing better. Let me know if we can do anything.
Love ya bunches,

Christie said...

sigh...the cycles these kids go through...i bet your mom is grinning to herself if she is reading this (evil grin), because WE were the BEST children EVER!!!! (Waaaaaahhhhahahahahahahahaha) BTW, I LOVE the picture of K. in your is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Put it on your WALL, girl!!! Lovish, C

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