Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It has taken me long enough, but I am finally getting to post. We have been so busy. This past weekend we were back in AL at Mom's. We worked all weekend. My husband moved the kitchen light into a new location (over the sink) and then installed a fan and light kit into the old spot. He also installed a new solid storm door in the front. My brother was busy with a bobcat in the back yard spreading dirt. My SIL was starting to paint the LR and Kitchen. I was in the garage....boy was I in the garage. It was full to the rim, and I was determined that before I left that Mom could park her car in there. And she did!!!

Mom planted a bed of flowers in the front. I forgot to take an

after photo, but I will when I go back.

I will most likely post again today. Monday was an important day to me and I was so scattered I did not post. So I will do that before the day is out....

Have a wonderful day.....


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