Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Last Days of Summer

Technically, these are the last days of this household. Schools starts on August 13 and I start back to work next Monday August 6. So we are going to Shama-lama-ding-dong (Alabama) today to spend the night with Matt's parents and hang by the pool. Kind of a last thing to do this Summer. They have a pool and we will get there today with plenty of time to swim and cook out. Then have all day tomorrow. The kids are looking forward to it. And we get to take Pippin with us! They have a fenced in yard and the "Great Pipponi" can go too! My brother may come over tomorrow and swim with us. I hope so. I don't get to see enough of him. So there is much today before we leave. Have to clean and pack. I don't want to come home to a mess when we return. Of course I will have my camera and have lots of pictures to share when I return. I am taking my book and I hope to finish it or at least make a lot of headway in finishing it while I am there. I am reading "Brother Odd" by Dean Koontz.

I love Dean Koontz and this series is my favorite. There are three of them and in order they are 1 - "Odd Thomas" 2- "Forever Odd" 3- "Brother Odd" Great writer! Love his work.

So, now I am off to my documents to make a list of items to take on our trip... ( a bit of OCD) Speaking of OCD... Did anyone watch the show on Bravo last night about the Real Estate investor who has serious issues with OCD? It was called "Flipping Out" That dude has some problems... Check it out if you get a chance. Very interesting.... well, I am off to make a list and start packing for our little trip. Have a great Wednesday!

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