Monday, July 09, 2007

VBS Week

Today is the first day of Vacation Bible School. Kateleigh was very excited this morning. Sullivan is not old enough to go yet. So he and I ran some errands. VBS is at the church where Sully will be attending school this fall andI will be teaching.... Yes, I will be teaching this fall at North Peachtree Academy. I am really looking forward to it. I will be there with Sullivan and he is happy about that.

Momma has decided to come down in two weeks for Sully's birthday. She will be here for three days. She is going to Alabama first then coming over here. It is hard to believe that Sully will be three! And Summer is more than half over. The kids start to school and I start to work on August 13.

I have done 20 12x12 scrapbook pages in just over the last two weeks. I will try to post some of them today. That is the most I have done in ages. I have discovered post bound albums and I really like them. My friends on the list I am on like them so I tried one and I am sold. On this album (2006) , I am already up to Labor Day. So I guess that means I am half way done with the year.

I tried to post the pictures of the book I created for Momma, but they just would not post. It is so cute too....
I want to put a couple of cute shots up that I took the other day of the kids...imagine that?!? : )

I just LOVE black and white photos. They always look so good. And they last forever.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday. It is hot here... so keep cool wherever you are.

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Holly said...

cute pictures!
Hope you'll post some pages soon. 20 in two weeks is AWESOME!

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