Monday, July 09, 2007

Last Tuesday the kids and I drove up to Chattanooga to have lunch with my Mom and and brother and his family. It was sort of a celebratory dinner. My nephew Tyler left for the Army last Thursday. We went to spend some time with him. He signed up for four years and he is really excited about it. He left for Fort Sill, Oklahoma. I know that God will be with him. I will still worry until I see him face to face again. And of course I have some pictures.... : )

The first picture is a family shot that a stranger took for us in front of Macaroni Grill. That is Kacey (Tyler's girlfriend), Tyler, me, Zach, Kateleigh, Russell, Momma and Joyce. The second shot is of my brother's family. Sullivan wouldn't be in the picture. he wanted to sit in the truck with the door open!

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Holly said...

awesome commitment from your nephew - please thank him for me. I hope he is able to stay safe.

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