Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Christmas in Knoxville

We went up to my Mom's to celebrate Christmas with my family. Our two children were the only grandchildren there. So they were doted on to say the least! My sister and brother were there but their clans had other plans or had to work that weekend and could not be there. It was kind of nice though for us three kids to have Momma to ourselves sort of.

This is Mom's Christmas tree this year. It is on a table and is kind of a topiary type tree. It swirls around from the base to the top. We had a nice time and the kids had a ball. My brother's birthday is Christmas Eve. We celebrated his birthday then had dinner and opened gifts. We went up on Friday and left on Sunday, Christmas Eve. It went by so fast! It always does, but this year was the fastest ever to me....

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