Thursday, December 01, 2011

Double digits

Double digits.
So hard to believe she has been in our lives for ten years.
Wasn't it just yesterday that we were standing in the parking deck
in the hospital making calls, telling family "It's time?"
It's gone so fast.
Too fast.

She owns my heart.
A piece of it has been walking around outside my body for ten years.
She makes me so proud.
Her laugh lights up a room. Especially when she gets really tickled ;)
And at the same time can make me madder than anyone else..ever. ;)
She loves her family and is loyal to a fault to her friends.
I have watched her relationship with Christ grow right in front of my eyes.
She can't wait to get to church every Sunday to be with her small group.

Matt-Daddy and I walked in her room last night to give her a good night hug.
She was lying in bed hold a frame with four photos in it.
Sobbing. Hard.
They were photos of her when she was a few months old laughing and smiling.
She said. "I don't want to be grow up. I don't want to be ten."
It broke my heart.
Such a sweet loving heart.
She wants to be with us forever.
IT was all I could do not to cry in front of her.
For I too don't want her to grow up.
I don't want her to be ten either.
I want my sweet, funny little girl in matching outfits with a sippy
cup and ponytails to never go away either.

I wish it were that easy.

But, if what I have witnessed so far is any indication of the joys
she has ahead of her and the amazing adult she will be someday.
I can't be selfish.
What I can do is continue to pray for her every night.
What I can do is continue to love her with all my heart.
What I can do is encourage her to try new things.
What I can do is support and help in every way I can her relationship
with Christ to continue to grow.
What I can do is pray for her friends.
What I can do is continue to tell her that being her is the only way to go and
she is who she is supposed to be and not to let anyone tell her any different.
What I can do is tell her that being strong in her beliefs is a huge part of what
makes her so HER.

I love that girl so much.

Happy Birthday Stormy!!

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