Monday, February 07, 2011


OK... so I am already behind on Joy of Love project. One of them will have to wait until later to do and yesterdays is ... well I can do the one from yesterday. And I will. I just have a lot going on today.
Stormy has to go back to the ENT today.

We went to the Allergist last week to confirm what I knew already that she did not have any allergies.
And after all the crying and being poked...
It was confirmed.
The Dr. Said that she was a lucky girl. She was not allergic to anything. Nothing. Nada. You hear me?
That is amazing. Especially with someone that has had over 15 ear infections since the age of two.
We will find out today what is next.
Her fourth set of tubes???
Time will tell... I hope not. But if that is what it will take to keep
my baby girl well. We will do it I suppose.

Ouch! I mean Ouch.. seriously. She was such a brave girl.
She amazes me.

These hurt worse. You would think that the tender skin on your back and 30 plus pokes would be worse.
No... not according to my baby. And I believe her.

She went right back to school. Didn't even blink.
Again... she amazes me.
(There was a picture of her sweet face too. But Blogger is being
a booger about loading)

So, I am off to get ready. Matt-Daddy is on his way to get me
and then the kids from school. Bless him. he will go right back
to work when we are done.

I will be back later with my input today for the Joy of Love.
I am determined to finish what I started. ;)

Have a great afternoon. I will see you in a bit.
And if you get a chance.. Keep my baby girl in your prayers.


Anonymous said...


I am so sorry about Kateleigh. The pictures made me want to cry. Tell her we love her and give her a big hug for me. We will keep her and her little ears in our prayers.

Love you,

Marie said...

Oh, man. That is a drag. I had the allergy testing years ago. Unfortunately, I have non-reactive skin (or fortunately) so it was all for naught.

And give her a hug on the ear thing. Not fun at all. I had one with three sets.

Prayers and hugs for both of you.

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