Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I don't talk about him much... Although I should. He is with me everyday. Especially when the
minions are in school. He will come in and check on me every now and then.

He was running around a rundown trailer park with his brother and sister.
Eating scraps and rocks.. literally. He broke a tooth on one.
We couldn't save them all but we could take one.
He just took to me. So loving and so sweet and funny.

He is quiet unless there is a leaf blower in the vicinity or someone
 gets near the front door.
Squirrels are his sworn enemy (still not sure why). I think they have
mocked him in the past. ;-) He loses his mind when he sees one.

He even understands when we say the word. Or the the word we made up when we see
one to warn each other. "Skirna-doon".
Yea, he figured out that one too.
If you say it in the house. He will immediately run to the back door
to look out the window on full alert. ;)

He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Which to me means that he is completely
comfortable and safe in his surroundings.

He has been with us a year longer than Stormy.
I don't think we could love him any more.
Oh... and he has several names.. The most common is Pippin. But he answers to Pipponie.
I like to call him "The Great Pipponie".
We say it's a Pipponie world, we just live in it. :)
The Pipponator,  Pipster, Pip.
I named him after the main character in the Charles Dickens novel,
Great Expectations.

He is a lover of tennis balls and sausage balls. ;)
He is always with us when we travel.
He is quirky.. he has one front leg longer than the other and sits with it
bent at the wrist.. looking so proper.
He will ever so lightly rest his paw on your foot to get your attention when
you are eating to let you know he is case you dont know he is blatantly begging. ;)
He likes to be covered up head to toe at night when we go to bed.
He is a sweet, sweet boy.
If you ask me how many are in our family, my answer will be...

Yes, there are five of us. 



Anonymous said...

Awe...I love this one! I wish we had the right living space for a doggy.

paige said...

so sweet!!
signed, fellow doggie lover

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