Monday, April 26, 2010

The Wedding of Q and U

A couple of weeks ago Stoney's Kindergarten class held a ceremony for the wedding of q and U.
I wish I had a copy of the story that was read.. It was so neat.
It talked about how lonely Q was and wanted a partner and friend forever.
She met U and they hit it off immediately and were wed by the Mayor
of syllable city. He declared that they were be together forever as long as the English
language was spoken.
It was so cute! 

All the boys were the grooms. They had hats and boutonnieres. And everyone was asked to
wear their Sunday best :)

There was a reception afterwards with juice and cupcakes..

The grooms were on the left and the brides were on the right. They all stood up
and said their vows.

Stoney walking in before the ceremony.
I couldn't get the pictures in the order I wanted. So they are basically backwards..
but hey, you get the point ;)

I hope you guys had a great weekend and are looking forward to good things this week.

Enjoy and have a safe week!


Robin said...

Jameson did this last year and I thought it was the absolute cutest thing! It's a great way for them to remember that "Q and U" always go together!

"Stormy" is such a DOLL!


Robin :o)

Heather H said...

that is the cutest thing! however, i would say that after a few games of scrabble lately ... there are a *few words that don't use the "U".

hee. hee. but that doesn't matter.

love you gal..

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