Friday, April 02, 2010


New favorite thing...

We went to a Minor League Hockey Game last weekend.
It was a blast and the kids loved it! I enjoyed it too :)  We went to
see the Gwinnett Gladiators play the Florida Everblades.
We will definitely being going back next season.

 The face off ! I think I like it because it is out of the elements. It is not too hot in there.
It's not too cold... I love that :)

 Stoney enjoying himself..

 The Chuck-a-puck. Between one of the periods on Kroger Family Night, they bring out a huge
tarp on the ice. You throw the pucks and if you land on the center of the tarp in the logo
you win a large Kroger gift card :)

 The Zamboni :)

 Stoney watching the clock waiting for the period to be over so he can
Chuck-a-puck ;)

 The Puck Dude IN the net.

 Time for CAP!! There they are throwing in the pucks!

Chuck-a-Pucks on the ice.. When it was over.. there were several hundred!

Maxximus in the House!!!
This is the Gladiators mascot. He rides around shooting t-shirts
out of a gun into the crowd.

You guys have a great weekend! We are officially on Spring Break!
I have a family photo shoot this weekend. I am so excited !

Have a wonderful Good Friday :)
Happy Easter!

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