Monday, October 12, 2009

New Week

New week...
Hope everyone is off to a great start this week... it is raining .... again... here. Imagine that?
I don't mind... as long as I don't have to get out in it..
Hope all you guys that have today off for Columbus Day... or my friends in Canada.. Happy Thanksgiving!! Are enjoying yourselves :)
Here are some shots taken outside last week waiting on Matt-Daddy to get home.

I know I have not blogged much lately.. found out a few weeks ago that we are moving ... soon! So we have been going through EVERYTHING and them packing it :) Would much rather unload it it now than move it and then go through it.

Can you believe it is already October! My friends back home are having a Fall break. Nine weeks of school already done...

Goofy girl...

Didn't get his way...

Ha! Got his way...:)

My Minions :)

If only they could be like this a majority of the time.. sigh.

You guys have an awesome week! I will try to be a better blogger... promise! :)

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