Thursday, October 29, 2009

Away for a few...

My Sweet Stoney made this...
It was on the wall outside his classroom.. I just love it... and him :)

Had a birthday a couple of days ago... it was really nice.. laid back. My Mom and siblings all called me.. My brother drove over and took me out for lunch on Sunday with my Sister-in-law.

I caught up on my shows and made a banana cake. Matt-Daddy took me out to lunch...
I received oodles and oodles of birthday wishes on my facebook wall... It was overwhelming and so sweet!
And I got to talk one of my besties ... for three hours! LOL... (felt like 30 minutes).

I will be away from the blog for several days... we are moving so I have a lot to do, along with Halloween Saturday night.
I will pop in if I have a chance ;)

(it says... I am important to my family because I ride to
Alabama with my Mom and watch her take pictures with
her camera. I play with my Sister everyday. I am important to my family.)
Gosh I just want to squeeze him!
Hope everyone gets a bag full of treats and no tricks!! :)
Be safe ...

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