Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last Friday we had a surprise visit from my nephew Tyler.
It was a surprise, because he came all the way from Afghanistan.
We knew he was coming home on leave.. we just weren't sure exactly
when. Well he flew in from Ireland early Friday morning.
He is home on leave for 16 days. I was so thankful to see his face
and hug his neck!

This is his sweet wife Jessica...

He was still so himself.. a silly sense of humor and the kids were
thrilled to see him....
They couldn't stay away from him. Yes, that would be a
light saber he is holding...

So when it was time to go.... Stoney was so not happy..
Uncle Zach tried to console as best he could...
Not only was he mad Tyler was leaving... but it was a double dose
because Uncle Zach was leaving.... ;(

I have been trying some different editing tricks.. trying to figure stuff out...
So, my pictures may look a little different..
Any comments are welcome... Constructive criticism too ;)

1 comment:

Heather H said...

i was JUST Thinking how great your photos look!

my favorite is the one of your nephew with his head back laughing.

how'd you do that?

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