Friday, June 19, 2009

Family reunion...

Our annual family reunion was this week. It was small turnout.. but fun
was had none the less! It rained for the first time since I can remember.. I mean it was a
monsoon... it didn't matter, we took all the food inside and the fellowship began.

Stormy and her cousin... They were inseparable the entire day...
Love these two..

Uncle Zach and Stoney.... He lurves.. I mean lurves his Uncle Zach.. He wanted him to

come home with us... when we got home and

Zach still wasn't in the car... he set off on another crying jag.

Goofy Matt-Daddy and Stormy :)

All the young'uns... They had the best time even though
they couldn't go swimming... And they didn't bring down Gail's house either!

Cousins mingling and catching up before the storm..

Stoney, Stormy and Matt-Daddy

The view from the downstairs deck...
I waved my hands back and forth and told Matt-Daddy.. "This is what
I want for Christmas please."
Yea...... not gonna happen.. :)
Love you Matt-Daddy ;)

Some of the food..... Yummmm.... As always, it was Scrumptious..

I hope everyone had a great week. I must rush and clean house...
My Big Sister is coming to visit tomorrow...
And pick up some furniture... I will have before and after pics..
Redoing Stormy's room .... should be fun! (I hope --fingers crossed)

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