Friday, March 06, 2009

The Best Week Ever... Not.

So... this may well go down into the archives of our little family's history as the worst week...

Sunday we got snow.. Lots of snow. It was great. It was great to play in. Matt-Daddy had been feeling a bit under the weather. Creepin' Crud that is going around this time of year... We did the Snow day dance and went to bed thinking that we were going to have school on Monday. But, no. The dance worked! No school for us. SNOW DAY! Slow down now... don't get too excited. We spent the first half of the day at the the ER with who? Matt-Daddy. As it turns out. No nasty cold but a viral infection. Good times.

By the time we got home. I was in the bed shivering with a fever. Great.... Now I have it. So no work for us on Tuesday or Wednesday as it turned out for me. Matt seemed a bit better but needed rest when he got home on Wed. No problem... eat, take a shower, take meds, go to bed.... Not so fast my friend..... Stoney and Stormy decide to play a little rough and seeing as how I'm guessing we haven't reached our ER quota for the week... Stoney slices his finger open into the tendon and fractures the tip. Woohoo! So he and his Dad go back to the hospital. Get some stitches, popsicles hang out till about ooooh... midnightish.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...... I am breaking out in cold chills again... then sweating like it is August in GA...and it is not mind you ... waiting for them to return. Stoney stays home with me the next day and Matt and Stormy are to work and school.
I am trying to get some rest when Matt-Daddy calls and tells me.."The school just called. I have to go pick up Stormy. She is covered in a rash and can't go back until she has seen a Dr." I tell you... I had to laugh.... I had to.... To keep from crying....

God Bless Matt. He took her to the Dr. She is fine and no longer contagious.. now that the rash has shown up... Which means, that we will most likely all have it. because she was contagious the week before the rash showed up..... *Nice* And in adults.... it manifests itself as joint pain... nice:)
So, I am looking up.... Because that is where we are headed... we have to be.... seriously. We have to be... :)

Here is my brave little soldier by the way.....

So, here is to next week... no bloodshed. No broken bones. No contagious diseases. That would make it a great week :)
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather it will be pushing 80 here!!

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