Friday, January 09, 2009

The Last Pic on the Hill.

Where I went to high school. Where my brother and sister also went to high school. Where our Mother taught for almost thirty years...
The main building has been there since 1950. It holds an astounding amount of memories.... just between the four of us. Imagine, for 59 school years.
It is time to build a new state of the art school. It has been a long time coming and put off as long as possible. It is just bursting at the seams. It will be built here.... cut into this hill. So this hill will be no more. It is sad... but a new beginning. There was a call for a last picture on the hill. There wasn't a huge turnout but there were some. It was a rainy Saturday morning, two days after Christmas. The date was not good for most folks.... But it was good for my siblings and me. We all live out of town and two of us live out of state. But we were coming home for Christmas at Mom's that day. My Brother, my Sister and me. My husband also graduated from the same high school. So there were four of us there. Only ones missing were my Mom and one of my nephews that graduated from there too.

The hill is actually the back side of the school. The large building at the top is the old gym and the little bit of building to the right is part of the main building. The floor where my Mom's room was. It has four floors and there is an annex and a new 9th grade Academy behind there too along with a cafeteria and a start of the art media center too.
Behind the sign in the ground at the top of the hill was a sidewalk that went all the way down to the parking lot and football field. That was how you entered
school everyday if you drove.

Down there. Every graduating class walked down that hill on that sidewalk from the school for commencement ceremonies. The band walked down every Friday night with the drummers banging out the cadence as they walked down and entered the stadium. (Yes that is
my hubs on the right there. )

This was the view for the most part when we were in school. I parked almost
everyday down there where that dark van is when I was a Senior.

I am glad that we had the picture made. I am eager to get it. We had a
professional photographer on hand. It was great to see some faces I haven't
seen in years. Also for my Sister and brother. For me, that was the best part...
Having them there too.
I believe that the years that we were at Oxford High School helped mold
and shape us. It is in our blood. It is a part of us. It is all I ever knew. I was there with Mom everyday. I don't ever speak or think of OHS without thinking of her and the three of us,
being a part of it as it was a part of us.
We all hope that they will be able to move the big OHS cement sign to another spot.
Time will tell. I think that the start of the hill being cut into is
slated to start this week.

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