Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Baby Girl is seven.

She is sweet.
She is smart.
She is funny.
She loves to procrastinate on her homework.
She loves her family.
She loves to be at church and is sad if we can't go.
She loves the Lord.
She loves read and write.
She loves to draw.
She loves to create.
She loves to ask questions.
She hates to be checked out of school.
She doesn't like to miss it for any reason.
She loves clothes.
She loves to eat marshmallows
She loves roasted broccoli.
I love her so much. But she can still just
about put her Dad and me to bed. LOL

She loves her Daddy.

Her Momma loves her : )

She loves to have her picture taken.... for now. I am so glad
that she indulges me.
She loves her cousins.

She is inquisitive and never stops asking questions.

Her cousins love her.

She is creative and loves to draw.

Not to mention, she can be cute as a button.

She loves her brother.

She can be super silly.

I waited a long time for her. Some days I am still amazed that she is here.
She has been with me the longest. She was the first piece of my heart walking
around outside my body.

Happy Birthday Munchkin.
I Love You All the Numbers.

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