Thursday, October 30, 2008

Again.. Is it Thursday already???

We have had a heck of a week here. I keep thinking it is Wednesday.... not. Sunday we went to church. Then, remember last week I told you about the party at the horse farm? Well, we headed out to that on Sunday afternoon. The weather could not have been more perfect if had ordered it ourselves. It was about a 45 minute drive. It was beautiful there. There were pavilions, horses, tractors, woods, ponds, petting zoo, pony rides and LOTS of room to RUN! Which is just the thing about 20 first graders need! A good time was had by all....

Here is S on the swings.

K swinging too. The swing is a tire cut up and put together to look like a horse. Neat.

K riding the pony... S was having none of it....

There was a hayride.
So the next day was Monday. Started off just fine. We took the kids to school. Then I took M to work and I went onto work too. Left work and went to pick M up for lunch before carpool. We went to eat and shopped a little. I dropped him off and a light came on on the dashboard........ *Great* ........ I called M to come back out to the car at work. He looked and said, not good.... go get the kids and call me when you get home. .... Well if you know me at all, you know I do not like to be in a car that is questionable.. especially driving it with the kids in there. It was the slowest trip to carpool I have ever made.. LOL. Got the kids and came home. Matt called and said well, this doesn't bode well...... Looks like it's the transmission..... *Yikes*....
OH and By The Way??? It was my Birthday..... Yea you heard me : )!! So what did I get for my Birthday.. ahem... and Christmas and Valentines? The correct answer would be a new transmission.... woohoo......woohoo...woohoo.......
Not exactly what I was hoping for.... : ) But hey, Grado happens and we move on. What can you do?
I had wanted some coconut shrimp for my birthday... and I had some and it was GOOD ... good I tell ya.
Coconut shrimp, tempura shrimp and shrimp wraps. Yum-O
So, after the wonderful news that we were getting a new addition to the family ..(ie. the new transmission. We will call her Tranny) This was our ride home.... LOL Can you say that it was an exhausting Tuesday? This photo op was too good to pass up.

How funny are these two photos??? I couldn't get all three in one shot. But they are all sleeping the exact same way! It was soo funny. (and no, I was not driving : )

Needless to say, we are a one car family. This week we have been a no car family. We have adjusted, and adjusted well. Matt has either walked or rode his bike to work. The kids now ride the bus. This was a smart thing to do anyway. The gas and wear and tear on the car that will be saved... we should have been doing this anyway. And I only had to miss one day of work. I lived : )
There is still one day left.... tomorrow. Halloween. I have very high hopes for tomorrow.
1. We are scheduled to get our car back.
2. We are going to Trick-or-Treat with our very good friends in an awesome neighborhood.
3. It is FRIDAY. Hallelujah! I can hear the choir in the background....
So yes, I have very high hopes for tomorrow. : )
Can I get an Amen ? Amen. ; )

I do so hope that everyone out has had a wonderful week.
Have a safe and wonderful Halloween.

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Heather H said...

O my!!!

What a week. Girlfriend ... i think you have earned a margarita.

Wanna come over? I'm all alone (kids asleep). Tommy is gone for the weekend. I'm wrapped up in a blanket and on my laptop watching FoxNews.

Come on over ... you deserve it.

Glad you at LEAST got your shrimp.


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