Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bathtub Ring.....

My Mom (in her infinite wisdom, Love you Mom) thought that the kids needed to have dirt to play in. Not just any dirt, but moist, BLACK topsoil. An entire brand new, large bag of it. Did you know that when it gets in hair, that even when it is scrubbed down that it can still be found later embedded in the scalp?...... yep, Good Times.

This is not a bathtub I would wish on anyone to have to clean. They had a blast with the dirt. But I saw the writing on the wall. Or should I say the tub.....

K didn't get quite as covered. But S, he was covered head to toe. ..... literally.
I have pictures of him with no clothes on outside before he was carried to the shower.
Even his bottom was COVERED.

The topsoil was on his lips and eyelids.
And yes, check out his ears. In there too. And by the way, this doesn't just rinse off. We hosed him down before being carried in. It just basically made it muddy........ yep, Good Times.

And by the way.... that bathtub ring? My sweet husband took care of that : )

I hope that everyone is having a relaxing weekend. Keep the residents of Texas and the coast in your prayers. Ike is using them as a punching bag...

Now, I must go get ready to watch some football... WAR EAGLE!



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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I am sure the kids had a blast. By the way, I love the music on your blog right now! Hope to see you soon!
Roll Tide!

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