Friday, August 01, 2008

Really..... the last day?

Is it really the last day of Summer vacation? Unreal.
Yes. Monday I go back to work. I have teacher in service and school starts one week later.
Again. Unreal.
It has gone by soooo fast. I always heard the 'adult' say growing up how fast things went by. I believe that it all starts to get faster after you have children. Anybody out there feel the same way?
So, I have three open houses for school to go to next week. Didn't we just have the end of year presentations last week?

So, here are a few pictures from the Summer that I liked and wanted to share or show again.

Next thing you know we will all looking at stuff for Halloween! And it will probably still be 98 degrees! : ) Ugh....

This is my most favorite one of all... out of focus even...

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.

We will be hanging around the house. One of my best buds from high school that now lives in Canada drove down yesterday and last night to spend the week with her sister in Birmingham. I so hope that get to see her while she is down this way.

And tonight? FINALLY the release party for "Breaking Dawn" the last in the "Twilight" series will be available at midnight! Will I be there? You betcha! I can't wait. I reserved my copy over a month ago. You can see the countdown on the right side of my blog. WooHoo!

Go out and make it a great Friday : )


Oh Happy Day! said...

Hi Roxanne! So nice to hear from another Twilight Fan.. I love love talking about it.. believe me when I first heard of this.. I was like.. yeah, I'm not gonna read that.. then it sparked my interest because 2 of my girlfriends at the scrapbook store loved it.. and there are 2 completely different souls :) One is wild and crazy.. gotta love that.. and the other, a conservative mother of 4.. and I thought.. they both loved it.. and everyone that day.. said I HAD to read it.. so i gave it a go.. and to my surprised.. I loved it :)

I joined Twilight Moms on line.. but I rarely comment.. I LOVE LOVE reading what they have to say though!!!

My favorite part.. well one of them.. has to be the end, when she lets Edward in on her thoughts :) ahhh...

I'm following you on twitter.. if you don't mind :)

Talk soon!

Roberta D'Achille said...

You are so right about life flying by after you have kids of your own. Not sure why that is, time should be a constant, but it is. Perhaps it is because you are crunching more than one life into the space where you used to only put one, so it appears to go faster :) Enjoy your photos!

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