Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav and Labor Day....

Here is what we did today. There is a festival and 10K run on Labor day and Matt has done the 10K for the last few years (except last year). The race is on Labor Day but they have a family festival and concerts on Saturday and Sunday. We always go on Sunday and Matt picks up his race number. These are several pictures I took today. The weather was beautiful.

It is held in an office park as you can see. on the top of a parking deck as well as between the buildings in beautifully landscaped gardens and quads.
I want you to know he hit every ball.
I have a picture of her every year on the slide.
Driving like the stock car driver her Dad wished she was! : )
Matt- Daddy mugging for the camera.
Look at all the balloons in his apron? I love this picture.
He wanted a green dog. And that is what he got.
A pink mouse for her.
Orange juice anyone?

Another shot to give you an idea how large this was.
Matt picking up his race number.
K sampling the demos from the Publix tent.
S doing some sampling himself.

Ok. Now then, Gustav is coming and there is no stopping him.
They say an F5 tornado is the finger of God. Then I believe that an Cat5 Hurricane could be referred to as the backhand of God.
I am praying for the people on coast. I am praying that everyone that could evacuate... did evacuate.
Please keep them all in your prayers.....
Manascos.... Be careful. We love you : )

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