Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day....

My Dad was a son.
My Dad was was a brother.
My Dad was an Uncle.
My Dad was a soldier (during WWII).
My Dad was a pilot.
My Dad was a successful businessman .
My Dad was a husband ( for awhile).
My Dad was a friend.
My Dad was a good Christian Man.
My Dad was my Dad (forever).

Out of all those things, and there are many more.... The last three are my favorite..
He had his ups and downs. I mean who doesn't. He climbed them all, and believe me, there were some he was not proud of. In the end he was a content man who loved the Lord and his family.
And I miss him every. Single. Day. Without fail. But I learned from him. I still learn from him on a daily basis.
Thank you Daddy,
I love you and I miss you,


Katie B said...

Love the old photos. I think all men of that era took a pic. with a cig in hand. ( I have one of both of my grandfathers) Who knew it was so bad for you?!

Holly said...

Such a sweet post! Love the old photos. Your post makes me grateful that I still have my dad around to share more time with.

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