Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's Iron?

It is just a typical Saturday around here....

Running errands: Getting S.'s haircut, going to the Dr. A-GAIN. Yes, another ear infection... this time with acompanying fever. Good Times.... But there will be relief for her on Monday. We are scheduled to have surgery. Tonsils, 3rd set of tubes and checking on the adnoids (remember,the ones I had no idea could grow back?). Anyway, we will be having lots of milkshakes, popsicles and mashed potatoes next week : ) That will be tough : )

So, we decided this week to let K choose where she wanted to go eat this weekend since she would be limited to very soft or liquid food for a while after Monday. Her choice was Moe's . So off we went. By the way, I highly recommend the 'Close Talker' it is the bomb diggity. Anyway, back to my story.

The DVD player was on in the car, as usual, and they were watching 'The Avengers Movie' (animated). K. asked where Tony was.............

Me: Who is Tony?
M: Tony Stark? You mean Iron Man?
K: Yes
M: He's there, keep watching.
K: What is Iron?
M: It is a heavy Metal.
K: Oh, ok.
ME: (at my humorous best).. You know like Iron ....Maiden?
Get it?? Iron Maiden - Heavy Metal? If you are under 30 maybe not.... but anyway. M and I laughed, laughed till it hurt.......
So, no new pics in the last couple of days. But here are a couple from a birthday party last week.

Iwill do an entire post on this. There were some great shots.. no, not just the kids... The best one ? the best one was of M.... You'll see.................

Have a most wonderful weekend. It is cold and windy here. Hope it is better where you are.

Be safe,


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