Monday, February 04, 2008

"What I Leeaarrned Over The Weekend..........."

Yes, my Peeps. It is that time again. So without further adooooo.

What I Leeaarrned Over The Weekend....

1 -- Calm, Cool, Collected = Eli Manning

Woohoo! How cool was it to see him lead the Giants to a Super Bowl win?!?!?

2 -- Trading Spaces is back! And most of the original crew is back including Frank.. I just love Frank : )

3 -- You may or may not know that I am one half of a "mixed' marriage lol...... Well, each of us now own our own pair of Auburn Crocs and Alabama crocs..... Yes, it is a marriage made in football lovin, shoe wearin Heaven. LOVE THEEEEM!

4 -- The new CD "Louder Than Creation" is just AWE-some! It was recorded live at my church last year. My favorite song right now is "Let Me Sing". You can listen to it here. You can purchase it here.

So, once again I ask, "What did you leeaarrn Over the Weekend??
Let me hear about it...
Peace Out my Peeps......

ETA : just so you know, this &*%$#%&** pc is on my last nerve. I sooo tried to get this post out yesterday... several times... Here it is. Only a few more days until SWEET RELIEF.....

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