Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Word.......

Only Seven More Days.

Can you believe it? Are you ready? I wish I was! Well, I almost am. There are a couple more things I want to pick up. But overall I am done with my shopping. I like picking up little things last minute that you find at a great price or are just for fun.
While my disk space problem is not solved, I am able to upload a few shots at time. So here we go.......

Only Two More Days of School!! Yippee!!
That makes me happy too!! I am so ready to be out for the Holidays from school. One of the best reasons to teach is to have the same schedule as your kids. To be home for the Winter Break and all Summer..... Not to mention no weekends. Who wouldn't love that? I know I do. It is the best! I have been busy crafting too. I have made some hand sewn ornaments and some painted ones too. The painted ones are for Kate and Sully's teachers. They will be finished tonight and be ready to wrap.

The picture below has to be one of the sweetest shots ever.... I was sitting on the couch and Sully had crawled up next to me and drifted off to sleep. I looked down and his sweet hands were clasped together as if in prayer. I finagled my camera and tried to get a shot of it. This is what I ended up with. I cried when I saw it.
Remember, he is sound asleep basically sitting up on the couch.

Is that not one of the sweetest shots you have ever seen? I so wish I had photoshop!! It is on my Christmas wish list.... But alas, I am afraid it will still be there come January : ( I really need a new pc first. I am determined to try and get one with income tax money..... I have already been shopping around : )

Next....... Here are a few shots that I took of the horses on the farm we got to spend some time on last month. I just love horses. I always have. They are beautiful and majestic creatures. They are strong and can be so gentle at the same time. I used to ride every chance I could when I was young. I didn't realize how much I missed being around them. They are just. Beautiful.

When I visit one of my most favorite blogs www.thepioneerwoman.com ( She is a hoot!) She will post shots she takes on her ranch. The horses are breathtaking. Especially the ones lately in the snow. I just sit and stare. Hmmm.... I want a new camera now. An SLR one... : ) She is a great photog too...

Sammy the Burro

Thank you again Lottie.... We just loved being there. We are looking forward to seeing you and the farm again! I have all of these shots for you too. And some others too.

I hope everyone is ready for next week! I can't wait...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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