Saturday, August 11, 2007

Update : Last Days of Summer

Ok, last I said we were going on our last little jaunt of the Summer before school starts. Well, we did and had a really good time. After we went to Alabama we came back to Atl and the next morning and the kids and I went to TN to see my Mom for a few days.
Here are a few pictures from our trips. My brother and his family came over to my in-laws and swam on Thursday.
Kate had a ball in the pool as did Matt. The shot above is of him breaking the water. I thought it was cool how it turned out. Even our dog Pippin seemed to enjoy being able to rest and relax : )

Then it was on Abbie's in TN. That is what the kids call her.

Sully and Kate enjoyed playing in the back yard with hose. They took turns squirting each other and got soaked.


Melvis said...

Thanks so much for sending me your blog link. I enjoy all of your postings. It is a great way to keep up with you all. I need to get High Tech like you ~ M

Holly said...

Great pool shots and I love the beautiful dog!

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