Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wilson Family Reunion
When my computer left this earth as we know it, it took all but the two pictures I had of the reunion on my camera with it. So, I was so glad that Momma had taken some pictures and since they were on her new digital camera they were on disk! Amen! So, I have some really good ones.

Our family reunion is held every year on the second Sunday in June and has been for 60 or 70 plus years. It started with my grandmother . She had 11 brothers and sisters. And all the descendants of the aunts and uncles made for a pretty big gathering some years. It has been held for the past 50 or more years at our cabin on Lake Logan Martin in Alexander City, Alabama. The cabin was built back in the late 40's, early 50's by the power company to house families of workers. My grandmother and one of her sisters that lived in the area bought one... Or my great uncle worked for the power company... one or the other not sure which. Anyway, it has been in the family ever since. I spent every Summer and spring break there growing up . We would build fires on the beach during spring break and swim all Summer. I had tons of cousins that lived in Alex City so we always hung out together. Some of my most favorite memories are from those times.....especially of my grandmother.

The water was way down this year. It looked like it usually does during the Winter. It didn't stop the young ones though. They had a ball.

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