Monday, July 02, 2007

Just Chatter...
It is already July.....
It is so hard to believe that is already July. Now it is hot enough to be July that is for sure. Two more days till the 4th of July. Matt will run the Peachtree Road Race that morning and then we will go to the local parade and then to see the fireworks that night. it is always fun. Matt calls it his "Christmas". He looks forward to it all year. And it is a let down for him when it is over.
The kids are watching Monsters, Inc. right now. That is one of my favorites. It is such a cute movie. It is hot here today. The heat index is supposed to around 106 this afternoon. Whew! Thank goodness I don't have to get out in it.
I had a wonderful surprise in my inbox the other day. : ) A friend that lived down the street from me growing up back in my hometown found me and sent me an email. It was so good to hear from Tracy. She and I have been catching up almost everyday since. Hey Tracy!! See you soon : )
I am so excited that next Wednesday Harry Potter will be at the theater!! I am so eager to see it.
I told ya this is just chatter...If you have stuck around this long Bless you heart : )
I did mange to get three scrapbook pages done today. And I finished a composition book for my Mom. I need to take some pics and post them to share on here. The book is really neat. I put three dividers in it and decorated the front and the back. I call it her possibilities book.. if you saw Last Holiday with Queen Latifah, it is kind of like that. Except she can keep notes and lists in it and tape in anything else she needs to. She has a special project underway, and with this book she can keep everything together. I think I will go do that now. I will take some pictures and post them on here. Be back in a bit...

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