Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thanksgiving 2006
Well, it has been forever since I was able to post! We have had Thanksgiving and Christmas and started a New Year!! We have had phone issues, phone line issues and internet issues. So, it is good to be back!

First let's cover Thanksgiving. We celebrated here @ our home. All my family came here. it was really nice to see everyone and the food was awesome. Here is our dessert table and the next picture is the other food. It was all so good.

My Mom was here for several days and the kids were loving having her here. The rest of my folks were here just for the day. It was warm outside so all could be back and forth outside. We had chairs and tables set up with coolers of drinks on the patio. The kids enjoyed being able to be outside.

Here are Momma and Matt after lunch enjoying the sunshine and watching the kids play. That is Kateleigh to the right. The day seemed to fly by so quickly. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and finished the day looking forward to the Christmas holidays in Knoxville at Mom's house.

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